When negotiations started in 2022, the main themes of concern from performers were:
• Cost of Living (wages)
• Wellbeing and Cultural Safety;
• Physical Safety and Fatigue
Through the negotiations performers were clear about their struggles and frustrations and how that should be resolved in the PCA. When negotiations reached an impasse in 2023 performers joined together to collectively amplify their concerns to their employers and LPA producers. Members, audiences and supporters joined together to email LPA that the issues of members were important not only performers but the community.Performers now have an improved final offer from LPA.


Through the negotiations performers sought either a real wage increase that would see performers receive a dollar increase to their weekly rate, regardless of their margin, OR a weekly percentage increase that was so substantial that performers would ultimately experience a rate increase.On 1 January 2023 performers received a 4.6% increase.LPA have NOW offered the following further increases:
• 6% on the first full pay following agreement.
• 4% on 1 July 2024
• 3% on 1 July 2025
This PCA will deliver a 17.6% (or around $160/week) wage increase to the base rate (excluding Sundays)


Cultural Leave
Provision of 10 days paid leave for First Nations and Torres Strait Islander employees for cultural and ceremonial purposes.
The PCA will include references to the intimacy, self-tape guidelines and the general audition guidelines.
Exit From Run-of-Show
Performers will have a contractual right to request early release from a run-of-show contract in the following circumstances:
• To take on permanent responsibilities as primary caregiver of a child;
• To care for an immediate family member suffering from a long-term illness;
• When experiencing illness or injury that makes the performer personally unfit to perform their duties; and
• Where the overarching engagement period (regardless of the number of contracts) has reached 14 months.
9-show Weeks
The current offer from PCA has important limitations on the use of 9-show weeks. These currently do not exist in the PCA:
• use of 9-show weeks will be limited to six 9-show weeks within a year,
• use of rehearsals scheduled in a 9-show week are limited
• a limit of 8 shows to follow a 9-show week.
Maximum hours of work now limited to 120 over a fortnight.
Social Media
The PCA will include terms regarding social media “takeovers” and will ensure that separate negotiations take place when performers are asked to use their own personal social media page/s to promote a production.
Cultural Consultants
This position will be defined in the PCA.
Mental Health and Well-being
At least one staff member on a PCA production will have completed metal health first aid each year and will be identified to cast.
Digital Rights
LPA initially wanted to include terms conveying rights to record and broadcast live performances within the PCA itself. LPA producers have now agreed to negotiate these terms separately to the PCA.
The PCA will have a consultation process set out for cast to use when consultation is required, such as for discussions about shoes, costumes etc.
Producers have agreed to clauses that provide better clarity to performers when working in a swing or cover role, including rights to rehearsals and preparation support.
The new role of “featured ensemble” has also been agreed to, where performers will receive an additional allowance where an ensemble role involved increased dance, acrobatic, spoken and singing responsibilities. The task of lifting props or other performers will not be included within this new role.


Multiple Contracts
MEAA made multiple suggestions to resolve members’ concerns about using multiple separate contracts over the course of a single production. These include retainer fees, built in bonuses and the use of betterment clauses. MEAA also sought a commitment that only one contract would be issued if the period of time between theatre transfers could be bridged through the use of lay-off and/or annual leave.
LPA producers have not agreed to any of these offers, except that multiple contracts will not be used “to avoid the use of lay-off”.Swings and CoversMEAA has seen individuals’ production contracts that have modified the template PCA contract to state that any allowances for additional work will be absorbed by the performer’s margin. LPA have not agreed to include language in the PCA that would explicitly prohibit this from happening.